Forensic Medicine OSPE

Datura Seed

There are about 10 samples will be given in Forensic Medicine OSPE. Here I have givenĀ  some samples to identify in the OSPE hall. This images little different from original picture as these collected directly from Forensic department. If you have any complaint related to it, then comment below. I will further steps.

Delerium-causing drugs



  1. Antibiotics (biaxin, penicillin, ciprofloxacin)
  2. Cardiac drugs (digoxin, lidocaine)
  3. Urinary incontinence drugs (anticholinergics)
  4. Theophylline
  5. Ethanol
  6. Corticosteroids
  7. H2 blockers
  8. Antiparkinsonian drugs
  9. Narcotics (esp. mepridine)
  10. Geriatric psychiatric drugs
  11. ENT drugs
  12. Insomnia drugs
  13. NSAIDs (eg indomethacin, naproxin)
  14. Muscle relaxants
  15. Seizure medicines

Differential Count of WBC

WBC- Monocyte

Just Identify the slide. In differential count of WBC you have to identify the WBCs ( Neutrophill, eosinophil, Monocyte, Lymphocyte & basophil. The most common cell is neutrophil

Neutrophil WBC

Identifying Points of Neutrophil:

  • Multilobed nucleus
WBC- Monocyte

Identifying Points of Monocyte:

  • The nucleus is kidney shaped

Identifying Points of Lymphocyte:

  • The nucleus is round & large
  • Cytoplasm is less
WBC- Eosinophil

Identifying Points of Eosinophil:

  • Bilobed (2) nucleus
WBC- Basophil

Identifying points of Basophil:

  • No cytoplasm , (basophil is less important, usually absent)



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