Adenoid curette with cage

Adenoid Curette


St. Clair Thompson’s ademoid curette with cage


With Curette: Adenoidectomy

With cage: To hold the curetted tissues to prevent aspiration.

How it is hold:

With right hand in dagger holding position.

Method of Sterilization:

Soaked under Lysol or concentrated Savlon for 24 hours or overnight.


Hypertrophy of the nasopharyngeal tonsil sufficient to produce symptoms is called adenoid. It commonly occurs in 3-7 years of age.


Removal of adenoid.

Indication of Adenoidectomy:

  1. Enlarged Adenoid with mouth breathing and feature of adenoid facies.
  2. Sleep-apnoea syndrome.

Contraindication of Adenoidectomy:

  1. Bleeding disorders.
  2. Upper respiratory tract infection.
  3. Epidemic of poliomylitis
  4. Cleft palate or short palate

Complications of Adenoidectomy:

  1. Injury to Lips,gum, teeth, uvula & posterior pharyngeal wall.
  2. Injury to larynx.
  3. Injury to hypopharynx

Adenoid facies:

This is the expression or appearance of the face produced due to enlarged adenoid of a child.

Feature of Adenoid Facies
Adenoid Facies

Adenoid facies/ Feature of Adenoid face:

  1. Idiotic appearance.
  2. Open mouth.
  3. Pinched nose.
  4. Shallow naso-labial furrow.
  5. Crowded teeth.
  6. High ached palate. (‘V’ shaped)
  7. Hyperplasia of gum
  8. Maxillary hypoplasia
  9. Flat chest
  10. Rounded shoulder
  11. Dribbling of saliva from the angle of mouth.
  12. Abdomen is protuberant.






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