Allis Tissue Forceps

Alli's Tissue forceps

Instrument (Allis Tissue Forceps)


  1. Identifiy it?
  2. Identifying Points?
  3. Uses?
  4. Advantages?
  5. Sterilization?
Allis Tissue Forceps
Allis Tissue Forceps


1.Allis Tissue Forceps

2.Identifying Points:

  • Catch at the handle
  • Tips curved inwards with multiple teeth and socket
  • Gap is more pronounced in the shaft of the blade

3. Uses:

  • To hold tough structures like skin and fibrous sheath.
  • To hold soft structures like stomach/ jejunum/ Urinary Bladder etc.


  • It does not crush the structures during holding.
  • There is less damage of the tissues than artery forceps.
  • No vascular impairment to the tissue holding.

5. Sterilization: By Autoclaving

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