MBBS Study

Distribution of Collagen Tissue

Distribution of different types of Collagen tissue:

There are 4 types of Collagen Tissue. They are distributed as follows –

  1. Type-1: Bone
  2. Type-2: Cartilage
  3. Type-3: Many places
  4. Type-4: Basement membrane of Kidney

How to memorize these easily:

  1. Type-1: Bone (Here contain One, So type-1)
  2. Type-2: Cartilage (Cartwolage) [If we write cartilage as Cartwolage,it contain two, so type-2)
  3. Type-3: It present in many places (so no need to mention)
  4. Type-4: Basement membrane ( just memorize a this line ” four under the floor” ‘Under the floor ‘ means basement . [ So type -4 is basement membrane]


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