Name Some Premalignant Conditions

Premalignant Condition
Premalignant ConditionA) In skin:


  1. Xeroderma pigmentosa
  2. Solar actinic keratosis
  3. Marjolin’s ulcer
  4. Dysplastic nevi
  5. Leukoplakia
  6. Bowen’s disease
  7. Radiodermatitis
B) In Penis:


  1. Leukoplakia of penis
C) Female genital tract:
  1. Endometrial hyperplasia
  2. Cervical dysplasia
  3. Dysplasia of vulva
D) In Breast:
  1. Intra ductal epithelial hyperplasia
E) In Mouth:
  1. Leukoplakia
  2. Paterson-kelly syndrome
F) In Oesophagus:
  1. Barrette’s oesophagus
G) In Stomach:
  1. Chronic atropic gastritis
  2. Adenomatous polyp
  3. Chronic gastric ulcer
H) In Small Intestine:
  1. Crohn’s disease
I) In colon:
  1. Adenomatus polyp
  2. Chronic ulcerative colitis
J) In Liver:
  1. Cirrhosis of liver
K) Lungs:
  1. Bronchial metaplasia & dysplasia
L) In Thyroid gland:
  1. Auto immune thyroiditis
M) In Bone:
  1. Paget’s disease
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