MBBS Study

What is pterygium? Tell the treatment of pterygium.


A pterygium is a triangular wing shaped fold of conjunctiva and sub-conjunctival fibrovascular proliferation in the inter-palpebral fissure that has invaded superficial cornea.

Treatment of Pterygium:

A. Atrophic/ regressive pterygium: Left alone with periodic follow up.

B.Progressive pterygium:

  1. Excision of the pterygium with the conjunctiva and keeping the limbus and adjacent scleral area bare.
  2. Sub-conjunctiva dissection of the pterygium.
  3. Transposition operation.

C.Recurrent pterygium:

  1. After excision – the bare sclera is treated with –  Beta irradiation,   –  Thio-TEPA solution,  –  Mitomycin-C
  2. Limbal autograft
  3. Lamellar keratoplasty
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