MBBS Study

X-Ray Right Sided Tension Pneumothorax

Rt Tension Pneumothorax

  1. Write down the radiological findings. 2
  2. What is the radiological diagnosis? 2
  3. Write down the chest examination finding. 4
  4. What emergency measure will you take to treat the patient? 2

  1. CXR P/A view showing-

  • Increased translucency on right side
  • Trachea and heart are shifted to the left
  1. Right sided tension pneumothorax

  2. On examination-

  • Inspection – restricted movement on right side
  • Palpation- Trachea and apex beat shifted to left side, decreased vocal fremitus
  • Percussion – Hyper resonance on right side
  • Auscultation – Breath sound and vocal resonance reduced on right side
  1. Immediate insertion of needle in 2nd intercostal space in midclavicular line

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