MBBS Study

Bronchial Carcinoma

Bronchial Carcinoma

1.What are the radiological findings of this X-Ray?  4

2.What is your radiological diagnosis?  2

3.What other investigations will you suggest to confirm diagnosis?   4

1.CXR P/A view showing-

  • Mass in the right mid and lower zones, near the right hilum, extending towards the periphery with a sunray appearance, obliterating the cardiophrenic angle
  • Raised right dome of diaphragm
  1. Bronchial Carcinoma with right phrenic nerve palsy

  2. Investigations –

  • Sputum for malignant cell
  • If palpable lymph node,  FNAC or biopsy
  • Bronchoscopy and biopsy
  • CT guided FNAC
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