X-Ray Pneumothorax
  1. X-Ray PneumothoraxWhat are your radiological findings?
  2. Name 4 clinical signs of this condition?
  3. Name 4 causes of this condition?
  4. Name the treatment option.

Answer Sheet:

  1. Left sided Pneumothorax
  2. Clinical Signs (4):
    1. Breathlessness
    2. Unilateral pleuritic chest pain
    3. On inspection: Restricted movement
    4. On palpation: Trachea & Apex beat shifted to the right (as Lt. sided)
    5. On percussion: Hyperresonance, but normal in right side. (as Lt. sided)
    6. On auscultation: Breath sound diminished or absent but vesicular in left side.
  3. Causes (4):
    1. Rupture of subpleural bleb
    2. Rupture of emphysematous bullae
    3. Chronic bronchitis with emphysema.
    4. Tuberculosis
    5. Traumatic: Chest wall injury
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