Pocketing of ventricular wall, which swells into a bubble filled with blood, resulting from previous heart attack.

If in ECG, ST remains elevated after a few months of acute myocardial infarction, the diagnosis is ventricular aneurysm.

X-ray chest—enlarged heart, with a bulged or rounded protrusion from the left ventricular wall, calcification may occur at the wall of aneurysm. Confirmed by echocardiogram.

Complications of ventricular aneurysm

• Heart failure.
• Arrhythmia (ectopic, atrial fibrillation, occasionally serious ventricular arrhythmia, etc.).
• Systemic embolism from mural thrombus.

Treatment of ventricular aneurysm

1. Symptomatic treatment:
–– If heart failure—diuretic, ACE inhibitor, digoxin.
–– If arrhythmia—antiarrhythmic drugs.
–– Aspirin in low dose.
–– Treatment for embolism (anticoagulant, aspirin).
2. If difficult to control, surgery is indicated.